The History of C&S Engineering

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Craig and Steve Darvill grew up knowing that engineering was in their blood; having succeeded in metal work at school. Once old enough they both independently sought out apprenticeships in toolmaking; Craig; working at MF Dippet and Steve at International Tool and Gauge. Both followed their own paths for over 11 years. In 2005 following requests from friends for high quality tools and components, the boys set up a small workshop in their parent’s home at the Oaks. They used their entire savings to purchase their first CNC milling machine. Soon the word spread and people were coming from all over Sydney to ask Craig and Steve for help, their backyard business soon became so successful they decided to give up their jobs; and so was born.

C&S Engineering and Toolmaking.

Craig and Steve became so successful that people began to complain, and the two were forced to buy a factory unit in Smeaton Grange.

Since moving to Smeaton Grange have purchased 3 additional CNC machines, as well as Spark Erosion and fabrication equipment. Craig and Steve have become proficient in 3D Drafting and Modelling making them experts in prototyping and concept development.

They have also developed a passion for working with materials other than steel; such as plastics, rubber, metal alloys and titanium.


Smeaton Grange Workshop

Smeaton Grange Workshop

While at Smeaton Grange Craig and Steve have worked for the likes of Total Aerospace, Jennmar, Yamaha and Tyco, such is the trust in their work.

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C & S Engineering and Toolmaking;

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