Injection Moulds and Dies


At C&S Engineering and Toolmaking we offer a range of tooling options for injection moulding tools, to manufacture your bespoke products.

The complexity of the tooling solutions we provide is dependent on the intricacy of the component and volumes required in production. The starting point would be a simple mould tool construction manufactured within soft alloy steel die sets. The most cost effective tools are straight open and shut however loose inserts or very basic side actions can be incorporated to produce side holes, latch features or small undercuts even on quite basic tool configurations.

Simple tool construction will often have the form of the product cut directly into the core and cavity plates to keep cost down.

This form of tooling will allow for improved temperature control over a modular insert system as dedicated waterways can be designed in to the bolster set which allows you to mould a greater range of thermoplastic materials. Simple mould tools can produce parts in many non-filled thermoplastic materials.



Features of a simple mould tool:

  • Basic tool construction
  • Soft alloy steel die sets
  • Form can be cut direct into pre-toughened plates
  • Simple product features
  • Wide range of thermoplastic materials
  • Dedicated temperature control


For the manufacture of more technically challenging components were a more complex tool construction is required we will manufacture vacuum hardened insert systems that will be housed in a mild steel or pre-toughened die set unit. By incorporating hardened steels into the construction of the tool we can maximise the tool life by reducing the wear impact. Although our tools are producing parts in plastic overtime the tool will become worn if the correct material for the application is not used. Many thermoplastic materials also contain fillers such as Glass which is abrasive and can accelerate wear issues.



Features of a complex mould tool:

  • Intricate tool construction
  • Mild steel or pre-toughened die sets
  • Hardened tool inserts
  • Detailed product features
  • Full range of engineering thermoplastic materials
  • Comprehensive temperature control

The manufacture of all tooling provided by C&S Engineering and Toolmaking is carried out by our highly skilled in-house toolmakers. This provides customer confidence and one point of contact throughout the manufacture process.


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