Special Purpose and Custom Machines

Machine Design and Manufacturing

How do you take your machine concept and develop a fully functioning prototype or production machine? Unlike most machine design companies, C&S Engineering and Toolmaking houses a wide range of design, engineering, and fabrication experience under one roof. Whether you have a rough drawing or a highly detailed machine spec,C&S Engineering and Toolmaking machine building team can take your idea and make it work by using any combination of:

  • Conceptual design
  • Proof-of-concept testing
  • Prototype machine development
  • Pneumatic motion
  • Hydraulic motion
  • Electronic Motion
  • Machine Automation

WHY C&S Engineering and Toolmaking CUSTOM MACHINES?

C&S helps you design, manufacture and integrate custom machines that meets your unique need.

C&S Engineering and Toolmaking knows we can help you “Make it Happen” better than other machine design companies by:

  • Utilising Front-End Engineering to ensure that the proper steps are taken during project scope development – making unknowns into proven systems
  • Establishing a single point of direct contact during the entirety of the project
  • Maintaining an open-door client policy to promote innovation. We invite clients to visit our factory to see us experiment with new processes, technologies and techniques that push the limits of traditional engineering

C & S Engineering and Toolmaking;

see what we can create for you.

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